Shiba Haikus Book

A book that was inspired by the Vision of Ryoshi and the Shiba Inu Community.

The Shiba family, to me, has always been about the people involved. All different types of people, all with different backgrounds, all with different skills… coming together and creating something beautiful.

Family loves, but family also tends to fight. Drama is inescapable in life; where people go, disagreements ensue. My team and I, hope that Shiba Haiku's will remind everyone what it's all about: creating, supporting, loving, and living. We're all in this together, and we're going to make it together.

Ever since the beginning… the Shiba ecosystem, has been an undeniable symbol of one's greatest aspirations. Ryoshi's vision inspired a meme— that meme inspired a movement.

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Happy Shiba Members

The Shiba Inu community is strong

Shiba Haikus Team

The Team behind the book. All thanks go to the Shib Army for supporting us on this journey we share together.

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